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General info for homeschooling & home:

BLOG: We also have a blog where my son Jordan and I keep track of his school and character progress. I also post tips and helps for homeschooling parents and for character improvement. Click Here to view.


CHARTS: Need a chore/task chart? This chore chart can be typed in, using Acrobat Reader. For another type of chart with chores and schedule combined, see a sample from my son's 2010 chore chart. For a household cleaning chart try some of these full editable word docs: weekly cleaning list, quarterly cleaning list, and complete list.


MOTIVATION: Trying to figure out ways to get your children motivated, but not sure what insentives to offer? Try the prize idea. Click here for more.



A word on "Grade/Subject" Appropriate Homeschool Materials:

As you all know one of the reasons to homeschool is to get away from the rigid grade standards. However, since we can better understand what is appropriate for our children at each stage I have loosley used grade numbers just to give you an idea. In our home we do follow the BC standards for the most part, but are flexible and often overlap years --- that's one of the reasons to homeschool.


Other Homeschool tips & links:

If you want to see more about Jordan's personal school work for ideas - click here.

Home school cirruculum and book reviews by exper Cathy Duffy - click here. (you are leaving Children's Character Course, all materials are NOT endorsed by us.)

For Elluminate Sessions - click here.





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